Monday, March 15, 2010

Our Mate is backed

few days ago, surprisingly i found back the bonding of our mate 家威...since everyone here is getting lost contact with him and missing him so much, so i've helped you guys greet him. HeHe

phone no: 017- two five seven eight one zero 7

this is his facebook account and new phone number. currently, he's studying ACCA and part time working in lowyat (that's why my luck always tell me i can meet back some old friends there^^), i believe you guys can find him there in lowyat UG floor. as well i believe our next gathering will be more fresh with some 'new' faces...Good luck guys, make a call to him and have a chat if you are free^^ he's missed you guys so much

Sunday, March 7, 2010

hey, mates...our tzu peng has her own blog now. u guys can just simply make a click on the right side below the chatbox to enter our all mates private blog...

every1 is getting updated with this modern internet, getting close to the use of blog and facebook. give them more supports and keep in touch more^^ hrm...when will my blog be started? haha
anyone else here has your own blog but not added as a shortcut here, can get me a msg to work for it. Thx

good luck guys.

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Next Gathering

Feel free to read and leave a reply here.

We are long not having a gather, missing each others, right? I know each of you are quite busy for the studies, working, and that's almost get you can't breath at all. OK, the CNY is coming. It's the time for you sitting down and rest, find back the free time you've lost from the moment of busy and also find back the friendship you've lost from the broken...

We decide to make one during the CNY as all of you might have a holiday, no more excuse for yourself to miss it again. Hope everyone of you've read this give me a small cooperate, list down the date you are available to attend and also the date you are going back hometown if there is. We need to arrange a nice date for the gathering...THX

Saturday, December 19, 2009

Hey Guys!!! Delayed post,haha!!!!

Hey Guys!!!!! Sorry for the delayed post i've promised to post since 2 months+ ago...lolz.... it's here....First of all,Merry Christmas to all of u!!!!! i believe most of u guys are having holiday right now, so,enjoy till the max k!!!! Yeap, it's snowing in scotland here but it's juz very mild....u wont see white now covering the land or rooftop or buildings i said,it's mild...and it snows only at night i think,and it's not everyday,juz sometimes...Anyway,at least u get to see snow here..haha...and when the wind blows,it's freaking cold!!!! i have my scarf,winter jacket and gloves on tho.... By the way, i'm doing fine here...and im having christmas break aka study break right coming after 3 weeks time...Hope u guys are doing well in msia too...Ok,now,let those pics speak...haha...we'll start off with the logo of my uni...:)

This is my uni logo.

Graham Hills building which located behind my hostel.
Not for us pharmacy student to attend lecture in here tho.

This is Georgesquare!!!it's like the city centre, like dataran merdeka in msia...haha...

This field,i forgot where is this's around the place where i stay scotland,u can find those pigeons anywhere,and they are very damn lazy and not shy at all..if u chase them,they r not gonna fly but run with their legs...omg...haha...

The pathway i usually will passby when im walking to TESCO. It's a shopping complex we all go for groceries,there are some others as well,such as MnS, ALDi , co-operatives care4,no timesquare,no sungai wang here...lolz...and the most important thing,i cant sing k here,haiz...only in my room with a pity it is...haha...not really actually..hhaha..

This is the highway beside the pedestrian pavement...lesser car here...those cars are cheap here...but the maintenance is quite exp...for example like parking,each hour cost them like,50 pence-1 pound, juz normal parking beside the road....

This is the business school of strathclyde

This is the sports centre under the university...u can sign up a package which cost u 70 pounds a year and u will have unlimited access to has basketball courts,badminton courts,gym room,etc...if u r not signing up for the membership thingy,u will have to pay each time u go in...i went yesterday for basketball,1 hour,it cost me 1.50 pounds,but if there is no1 else booking that court,u can still continue playing that...lolz..

Those are the indoor basketball courts,with badminton courts as well...
Gym room

Haha,this is shooting pics for my friend in a restaurant while celebrating my fren's birthday...

Me again,outisde the restaurant,posting for my friend to shoot a pic of's a seafood restaurant,serving mussels as their main dish...quite nice !!!but the price is around 5 pounds for 500gram of mussels...

Haha...this swan is sooo pretty and noble!!! this was taken by my fren when we r going for a trip to a loch...which means lake...haha...they called it loch...Ok,i'll end this post with a pretty nice swan...lolz...

Happy Birthday to pei ying and Happy Birthday in advance to wan ying and yan hui too...
Last but not least,haha...Merry christmas and Happy New Year too....

All the best

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

the last 1....woo, lovely cutie tzupeng

22/9/2009 farewell for wai hong @yuen steamboat~